Delivering home security in Leicester for over 20 years 


We are a family run business based in leicstershire which serve Leicester and the wider area.With over 25 years experience installing Domestic & Comercial Security systems  you can be sure that Compact security systems will give you a home security solution that works for you.



When we install an Security System in someone’s home, we take great care doing so. Your home is your Castle, and we always ensure we make as little disruption as possible and that everything is left as it was before we started. We'll clean as we go, and ensure all materials are cleaned and cleared at the end of the job.


There are many products out there; some rely on their aesthetics, others on their price.

But although the systems appearance and cost is crucial, so too is the products ability to do the job it is intended for. Much of this depends upon the specific environment and how the system will be used.

So to ensure the right design and the correct equipment is used.

We try not provide quotes over the phone simply because it isn’t possible to do so correctly without taking risks. It's our job to protect you, not to take risks with you and your property!  




Our business is focused on giving you our best attention to detail at all times. We believe that domestic security systems should be effective but unobtrusive, and that the system should fit around you and not you fitting in around the system.

From initial enquiry, through installation, and through to after sales and ongoing service, Compact Security systems has always maintained a firm commitment to giving you the very best service possible at prices you’ll find hard to beat from comparable providers.


If you have any queries or wish to make an appointment for a demonstration and a free quotation for our smart Alarm systems please contact:


Freephone:    0800 970 8929

Office:            0844 2092948



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