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Once a decision has been made to purchase a security system, you might forget about having it regularly maintained or what happens if it goes wrong. Compact Security Systems offer annual preventative maintenance ensuring ongoing response to the system after the warranty period expires. Whatever system you have you’re guaranteed response from our emergency engineer service should you need it.


Repair and Upgrade existing systems including “third party” installations.

We can undertake the takeover, repair and upgrade of systems including “third party” installations (providing you own the equipment) and then provide ongoing maintenance if required. 

Perhaps you need an upgrade, the system you have is old and out of date or causing excessive unexplained false alarms or faults. Perhaps you’ve had alterations to your property that compromises the original system design. Whatever your need we can help.


We don’t have to have installed the system to maintain it, make it work better or just to make it work at all. Our engineers are highly trained on many different control panels and detection devices, so you can be sure that we can help you.


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