Smart HD CCTV Systems for you Home

As you probably know houses targeted by burglars are carefully studied before the actual crime is committed.


That being said, CCTV cameras are a major crime deterrent. Burglars will study your neighboughood and will choose the weakest house in the area.

Even at night, CCTV cameras are visible thanks to their Infrared Led's, which enables night vision. Burglars will notice them and will walk away. But that’s not all! Night vision cameras also allow for night-time recording in complete darkness.


Compact Security Sytems can install CCTV security cameras,covert and overt, both in and around the home. They are perfect for monitoring and recording driveways, door entries, gardens and garages. Whether you need one camera to view your doorway or several cameras covering the perimeter of the house.


The use of motion detection within the cameras can alert you of any activities within a predetermined coverage pattern on each camera.

We fit only the very best CCTV by using hikvision systems with  up to 4K 8mp cameras giving you the very best in picture quality.


You can view and review the security cameras remotely via a computer, mobile phone or Tablet. You can also receive an email and Notifications from the CCTV system following Intrusion detection or line crossing using advance analytics form the camrea to ascertain if a break in is being attempted. The effects of any potential threats can be minimised through immediate action.



Compact Security offer a comprehensive range of easy to use sophisticated products and security services to protect you.


  • 24 Hour Recording
  • Smart analyics for intrusion detection and line crossing
  • Motion Detect
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Email and Notification on detection through A Secure APP
  • Infra red Cameras for night vision 



We understand time is precious, that is why we go to great lengths to ensure we gain a quick understanding of your requirements and propose the correct solution for you.

Our Tecnical Engineer will liaise with you and you’re family to gain a  insight to the benefits our systems and service can provide you with.





Door Bell Cameras


WiFi Doorbell Cameras
HD cameras let you check who's ringing your doorbell from your phone, no matter where you are. Helps keep your home secure or prevent missed deliveries

Designed by Hikvision
Compact home security solution from the world's largest manufacturer of CCTV equipment

3MP HD Video
Captures high-resolution video at 3 megapixels packed with detail, providing you with a clear view of callers

Ultra Wide Angle Lens
Captures everything happening in front of your door on a 180 degree lens

Invisible IR LEDs
Allows camera to keep recording after dark, illuminating subjects within 5m without any tell-tale red glow

WiFi Connection
Uses a simple, quick set up in order to connect to your home's WiFi network. Once configured, you can then check the camera from anywhere using your mobile device

Free App
As well as notifying you when someone presses the bell the app can also be set to provide motion detection alerts, or just log in to the camera live

Two-Way Audio
Features integrated microphone and speaker, letting you talk to visitors straight from your phone

MicroSD Card Slot
Video recorded via the app can be stored on a MicroSD card in the camera. 

Switchable Face Plates
Includes a choice of 4 covers, letting you choose the best colour to suit your home



Our approach is focused on delivering to our clients.


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