Smart Wireless,Wired and Hybrid Burglar Alarms for your Home installed throughout Leicester 

Which type of Alarm System ?

Compact Security systems can install both wired, wireless or Hybrid intruder systems, and  with the advances in Cloud Service technology, enable you to control your alarm remotley from your smartphone.

Our systems are manufactured in the UK and Made to the highest standard and use the latest innovations by Orisec and offer the following feeatures.

  • The ability to monitor who is setting and unsetting your Alarm system and when.
  • Notifications of Inactivity within the home Ideal for checking on Elderly loved ones.
  • Multiple set modes tailored for your needs.
  • Automatic timed setting of Areas 
  • Notification when the system has activated and confirm a genuine break in 
  • Which sensors activated the alarm and when .
  • Activity Reports for each sensor Trggered to give a view of what is happening within the property to confirm weather a real burglar is present or not. 


Which system we propose depends upon your home, and upon what you require. There are pros and cons to both wired and wire free systems and we'll happily and honestly explain what these are to you.

We’ll be happy to answer your queries or give advice, completely free of charge or obligation.

Whatever type of alarm you choose, all follow the same principles:


  • They Give great Value.
  • No Monthly Fees
  • Can have Illuminated Bell boxes Front and Rear of your property.
  • Come offered with a 5 year parts and labour Warranty.
  • Have excellent track records.
  • Are aesthetically pleasing.
  • Simple to use.
  • Offer great flexibility.



Smart App communication





It is common Knowlage that in some cases alarms can go unoticed when triggered, It is now possible to have your alarm system connected to either your phone line,WiFi, GSM network, Or a dual path combination of both, meaning the minute your alarm is triggerd you will never miss a  notification whether by recoreded message,Text or  by a secure mobile app.

Elderly Care with smart App

Introducing Elderly Care with the Orisec ControlPlus App When caring for our elderly loved ones, we have to tread a fine line between being informed that they are safe and invading their privacy.


One of the things which our elderly relative also wants is to know that they are safe in their own homes.

They also want the ability to contact others in times of emergency.


Compact Security can install an intruder alarm which provides a solution. One of the features of our Orisec intruder alarm systems is that each sensor in the home reports any activity to the panel 24/7 regardless of whether the system is armed or not.


Panic buttons and other sensors such as fire alarms are armed 24/7 and if activated will notify others. All Orisec Systems can be operated from the easy-to-use App and will notify others of any problems. When movement is not detected by movement sensors in the home for any length of time, the system will notify a friend, relative or neighbour. The same people can also be notified if the alarm is activated for any other reason.

Pet Sensors


Traditionally a problem area, these days there are excellent detection devices that will happily live with almost all domestic pet environments, with pet immunity offered up to 36 KGS in weight! We’re tried and tested these in our own homes and are confident in the products ability to deliver what they promise.

Installed to the highest standard


All professionally installed Intruder Alarms should be installed in accordance with the British Standards in force, currently PD6662:2017 (the UK interpretation of  BS EN50131),


We avoid the DIY market place as we know that a reliable system is essential to our customers. That is why we only use certified equipment and trained, qualified engineers.

Whatever system you require, and whatever the design proposal we put together, all systems designed and installed will comply with the requirements of the following:


PD 6662:2017

BS 8243:2017



If you have any queries or wish to make an appointment for a demonstration and a free quotation for our smart Alarm systems please contact:


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