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The images in this gallery are of installations carried out by Compact security systems recently and hope they will help you to get an insight of our installation practacies carried out installing a burglar alarm system to any home.


The images unless stated otherwise are of our reliable wired systems and as you can see no wires are visable throughout the installation, No damage to carpets or decor.

We take great pride in ensuring you see no unsightly wiring in your home.


Typically the time to install a complte wired system to a property is one day and wireless taking 2-3 hours  


Landing area before cables installed

This this how the house carpets are before lifting for installation.



Carpets pulled back

This Image shows the carpets removed to allow for alarm wires.



Cable routing 

New homes today dont use traditional floor boards so we cut back underlay and tack round so we ensure nothing is felt under foot.



Landing area after cables installed

As you can see no damage to the carpet or decor after cables have been installed.

No fuss No Mess!.



Wiring in place

This is the Keypad, internal sounder and hallway PIR cables ready for 2nd fix.



Lounge Pir cable 

This is the Lounge PIR cable ready for 2nd fix.



Landing Pir cable

This is the landing cable ready for 2nd fix.



External bell cable 

This is the external bell box wiring ready for 2nd fix.



Keypad , Internal sounder and hallway PIR 2nd fixed.

This is the Hallway detection in place 2nd fixed 



Lounge PIR 2nd fixed

Pyronix MEQ Blue PIR 2nd fixed.


Hallway Alarm keypad

The remote keypad that can be used to set/unset the alarm via code or keytag.



External illuminated sounder 

The external illuminated sounder provides a visual deterrent from would be intruders and are fitted front and rear as standard.



Cable being installed

The 1st fix stage of the installation in progress.


Panel fitted

Alarm control panel in place ready for connecting up.

Panel wiring

Alrm system complete with backup battery connected and ready for commisioning and final testing.


Alarm  panel complete

Wired alarm system comminsioned tested and complete ready for handover.



Key tag reader

This slimline Key tag reader is an attractive alternative for setting and unsetting your alarm system.



Our wireless Alarms

The award winning enforcer installed

The award winning Enforcer system lets you connect up to 32 sensors wirelessly throughout your home



A window/door sensor

The descreet window or door contact



Wireless pir 

The Wirless Pir installed within a garage 



Wireless bell box

The wireless bell box, up to two can be installed with the system




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