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Smart Home Burglar Alarms 

Compact Security Systems can install both wired, wireless or Hybrid intruder systems in your home, car, caravan or even boat, and  with the advances in Cloud Service

technology, enable you to control your alarm remotely from your smartphone.

Our systems are manufactured in the UK and Made to the highest standard and use the latest innovations by ORISEC and AJAX which offer the following features.


  • The ability to arm and disarm your system via mobile app and receive notifications on who is setting and unsetting your Alarm system and when.
  • Notifications of Inactivity within the home Ideal for checking on Elderly loved ones.
  • Multiple set modes tailored for your needs.
  • Automatic timed setting of Areas ideal for outbuildings. 
  • Push Notification when the system has activated and can confirm a genuine break in via video verification.
  • Activity Reports for each sensor triggered to give a view of what is happening in the property which will confirm whether a real burglar is present or not.
  • panic Button built into the app to trigger the alarm should you feel under threat.

Which system we propose depends upon your home, and upon what you require. There are pros and cons to both wired and wire free systems and we will happily and honestly explain what these are to you.

We’ll be happy to answer your queries or give advice, completely free of charge or obligation.

Both systems come with a range of detectors and devices which will protect your home.When we design your system these are all considered and strategically installed thought your property.


Internal Detection devices

With a whole range of detection devices to secure your property you can feel safe we will have to right solution for you.

Door contacts

Offering a wide range of door sensors in different colours to suit your door frames and windows. 

these are typically your first line of protection we also have a combined vibration variant for added security.

Motion sensors

Motion sensors provide protection of a whole room up to 15 meters 90 degree angle

When an intruder enters that room the alarm will be activated and notification sent to the owners mobile phone.

All of our range have the ability to be pet friendly too. 



Vibration sensors

Vibration sensors can be strategically placed on door and windows to alert the home owner of an attempted break in.

These are a great solution as you will be notified before the intruder gets into your property and damages your doors and windows trying.

Flood detectors

The flood detector identifies a pipe breakage, washing machine, or dishwasher leaks. The detector raises the alarm with the first flood signs and notifies you when the water dries up

AJAX Water valve automatically shuts off the water in 5 seconds at a premises with an Ajax security system if LeaksProtect or a third-party water leak detector is triggered.

Smoke, heat & CO2 detection

Our  combined wireless Smoke, Heat and Carbon Monoxide Detector featuring Smoke, Temperature & Carbon Monoxide detection that monitors security in a room 24/7 & immediately notifies of dangerous CO levels, smoke & sharp jumps in temperature.  it will notify of danger by means of a built-in siren also gives notifications if it requires cleaning. 

Panic buttons  

Panic buttons can be fitted in locations around the home typically in bedrooms or by front doors which can be pressed if you feel under threat which will raise the alarm instantly to notify other users by their phones and will also activate the sounders connected to the system to deter potential intruders 

Motion sensors with built in cameras

As with the standard motion detectors these detectors have the ability to send you snapshots of video clips when motion is detected so you can see and confirm the cause of the alarm through push notifications to your mobile phone.


Accelerometers are a handy detection device that you can attach to any of your prized possessions whether indoor or outdoor 24 hours a day so if its moved the alarm will notify you instantly.

Setting fobs

We can offer a wide range of Setting fobs for your system for the ability to arm and disarm your system and have multifunction buttons to be able to switch on lights open doors or set additional areas of your system and be used as panic buttons if required.

Remote keypads

Remote keypads are used to arm and disarm your system which all have built in Panic alarm functionality.

they come in a range of different colours and styles from your typical button type as well as touchscreen where photos can be added as a screen saver when not in use .  

External detection

Our External detection offer a solution to protect your outside spaces and possessions in addition to your home with a range of products with a wireless range of up to 2000 meters you be sure we have a solution to meet your requirements.

External motion sensors 

External motion detectors can be installed around the outside of your property and can be set up into another area of your system independently to the home or as part of a night setting to deter intruders before they get near to your home they can also have cameras built in for video confirmation.

Vehicle Protection 

Statistics show that a large proportion of Burglaries are carried out to target the theft of you vehicle by either breaking to into your home first for the keys or by simply cloning your car keys data.

We have a number of options to combat this with shock and tilt devices.

Beam and Curtain Sensors

Beam and curtain detection work similarly to normal motion sensors but use a narrow & longer detection range typically. 

Ideal for protecting perimeter & fence lines. 

External door contacts & Accelerometer 

As with internal door contacts we have the external type too that can be fitted to gates & shed doors or any valuable item wirelessly.

All our detection devices connect to a main  control panel either wirelessly or using wires when any devise detects suspicious activity a notification is sent to the property owner or any number of nominated people who look after the property using cloud technology through the internet and or mobile networks so if one fails you always have a backup.

Why choose us 

24/7 Support 

Our team are here on hand 24 hours a day 7days a week to ensure all your queries are met and respond to any emergency calls you make.  

Remote Fault Monitoring 

Our Technical support allows us to remotely connect to your system and monitor its health and rectify any faults saving time on you waiting for engineer call out visits. 

Secure app control

Remotely monitor your alarm system from you smartphone enabling you arm and   disarm the system, receive Alarm notifications and more.

Quality Assured 

All our systems are designed and manufactured in the uk and meet all the latest UK and European standard and have excellent track records.


Dedicated point of contact

We Allocate a dedicated fully trained point of contact to you following your installation to   ensure consistency and having a familiar face who knows your system will ensure confidence and peace of mind.

Fair Prices

We offer the most competitive rates within the industry and with no lengthy contracts and free call outs all year round to our customers. 

Contact us for a free site survey of you property 

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