Wireless and Smart home Alarms in Loughborough

Smart Home Alarms installed in Loughborough 

We Have been been providing our customers in Loughborough for many years providing a wide range of security products.

Our smart Alarm systems can set and unset via you mobile phone and notify you when the Alarm has been activated giving you complete peace of mind.

professional HD CCTV Systems in Loughborough 

Home Owners can use CCTV to deter anti-social behavior and also monitor their home from a mobile phone and can be alerted if anyone walks onto their property.

Generally crime rates in Loughborough are lower than average-hower CCTV can still have an inportant part to play in the security of you home or business.


Home Alarm Repairs within Loughborough 

Lack of proper maintenance of you Alarm system can lead to false alarms, problems setting and problems during power cuts.

we have all experianced it when the power goes off in you neighbourhood the Alarms start ringing which not only anoys the nighbours but creates a general loss in confidence using your system.

All these issues are easilly avoided whith regular servicing of you Aalrm system.


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